Tue, Mar 28th 2023, 02:00

Starting this Week EuroCafe is going to be open on Wednesday 12:00PM - 8:00PM . Come on over or call to order take out (585)447-9252

Mon, Mar 27th 2023, 23:44

Mon, Mar 27th 2023, 23:43

Sun, Mar 26th 2023, 10:09

Sun, Mar 26th 2023, 09:50

Sun, Mar 26th 2023, 09:34

Don’t miss it👍❣️call to place an order (585)447-9252 - we will take call starting 11:30AM

Sat, Mar 25th 2023, 09:56

Sat, Mar 25th 2023, 09:32

Hey hungry People out there😋😋😋😋
It is Saturday and the Morning is gloomy and rainy but inside EuroCafe is nice, warm and cozy…and the most important we have a great, homemade meals waiting for you for lunch or dinner. We are open today from 12:00PM until 8:00PM. Call for reservation (585)447-9252 or to place an order to go…please, have in mind that besides our Polish ethnicity we also serve delicious international food with the origin from Austria, Hungry, Ukraine, France and Germany. At EuroCafe we have it all👍❣️😘

Fri, Mar 24th 2023, 11:17

Hey EuroCafe Lovers and Supporters❣️👍 Beautiful, hand painted “Pisanki” Eggs are arriving next week. Ukrainian Ladies living in Poland are doing them in order to help Fighting Ukraine. We will be selling them for $10 per egg. All proceeds will go for an Organization that helps Ukraine. Please order them ahead since
We are receiving only a limited amount of these beautiful artistic Easter Eggs. Call to order (585)447-9252

Fri, Mar 24th 2023, 10:30

Fri, Mar 24th 2023, 10:30

Fri, Mar 24th 2023, 10:30

Fri, Mar 24th 2023, 10:22

Fri, Mar 24th 2023, 10:20

Fri, Mar 24th 2023, 10:20

Fri, Mar 24th 2023, 10:15

Hey EuroCafe Lovers and Supporters ❣️ It is Friday and we have a great food waiting for you to eat either in a cozy atmosphere of our wonderful Restaurant or simply as a take out. Call to reserve the table or to place an order (585)447-9252. Potato Pancakes w/kielbasa or mushroom sauce or both, Viener Schnitzel, Chicken a’la Varsovie, Crepes, Pierogie, Delicious Soups, and many more👍😘💜😋 We are open today and tomorrow from 12:00PM until 8:00PM - Kitchen is open until 7:30PM and Sunday for Take out only from 12:00PM until 4:00PM, KPMASH, POLISH PLATTER AND SOUPS

Thu, Mar 23rd 2023, 15:30

Thu, Mar 23rd 2023, 15:17


Thu, Mar 23rd 2023, 13:58

The weather is rainy and gloomy but inside EuroCafe everything is sparkling and happy including our homemade meals. Today Special is Chicken a’la Varsovie, but we have a lots of
Other Happy Meals. Call to reserve the table (585)447-9252 or simply just walk in. We are open today, tomorrow and Saturday for Sit down lunch and dinner and Sunday we are starting our new line KPMash - Kielbasa, Pierogi and Mashed Potatoes in one bucket JUST FOR $12 to go only Awesome food for awesome price. Call for details❣️👍😘

Sat, Mar 18th 2023, 08:49

After St,Patrick, Lunch in EuroCafe is always a great option. Come on over to our
Little Restaurant and have homemade meal full of colors, flavors and definitely deliciousness tastes

Fri, Mar 17th 2023, 14:03

So colorful and full of flavors - Potato Pancakes with Hungarian Style Goulash - chunks of Sirloin Beef, individually prepared and seasoned and cooked in delicious sauce and served over homemade Potato pancakes; Chicken a’la Varsovie - EuroCafe Creation - Chicken Breast marinated in previously prepared marinade, fried per order on clear butter, covered with homemade tomato/artichoke sauce, sprinkled with cheddar cheese and Capers, served with pierogies - how you can resist something like this? 😋😋😋😋😋

Fri, Mar 17th 2023, 08:56

Happy St.Patrick Day from Us to You😘☘️🍀May the power be with You. We, at EuroCafe Have everything what Good, Irish Person would love to eat and drink, including strong Beer 🍺👍😂☘️🍀💜

Thu, Mar 16th 2023, 17:05

Hey EuroCafe Lovers and Supporters❣️😘 we are open today and tomorrow (Thursday and Friday) until 8:00PM, Saturday we are open from 12:00PM until 3:00PM Hurry up and come to European Restaurant where Polish and Irish eat and drink with Passion🍀☘️❣️😘💜❣️

Thu, Mar 16th 2023, 09:14

Wed, Mar 15th 2023, 20:14

Hello EuroCafe Lovers and Supporters, starting tomorrow we are gping to treat You with one of the most popular Special - Hungarian Style Goulash over Potato Pancakes, including a garden salad❣️😘👍😋 Delicious