Tue, Jan 19th 2021, 09:43

It is a great “food” for everybody’s Soul❣️👍

Fri, Jan 15th 2021, 08:42

Yes, EuroCafe is open. We are back
with Delicious, homemade food. Please call to reserve the table or place order “to go”. We are open from 12:00PM until 8:00PM
Phone: 585 447-9252

Wed, Jan 13th 2021, 10:30

With all our regrets, EuroCafe has to move the opening until Friday, January 15th. It is caused by technical difficulties that we are working to resolve. Thank you for your understanding and patience

Tue, Jan 12th 2021, 09:40

EuroCafe will be open on Thursday, January 14th
Please correct your schedule to visit us accordingly
Thank You

Mon, Jan 11th 2021, 13:09

Hello Everyone❣️ To all our loyal Customers and Guests. After almost 4 weeks of being closed for well deserved VACATION, EuroCafe with Staff will open its door again on Friday, January 15th. Krystyna and I as well as my Husband, we took the rapid test twice after vacationing outside of NYS. Both of the test came back negative, so we are ready to cook for you and serve again❤️❣️Please, be ready for all
Your favorite Central European dishes including homemade Soups like Zurek, Borscht, Barley-Mushroom, etc. Vienner Schnitzel is going to wait for you as well as Polish Style
Baked Ribs, Mielone and Chicken a’la Varsovie. Thank You for letting us relax a little, so we could recharge and be ready for a New Year, hopefully full of happiness, love and...good food , of course❤️👍😂😘❣️

Fri, Jan 1st 2021, 00:28

Happy and prosperous New Year 2021 to all our Wonderful Customers🎉❤️

Tue, Dec 22nd 2020, 23:33

Thank you to all our loyal and wonderful customers for constantly supporting our little Cafe and other small businesses during this difficult time. You are the blessing and we are so privileged to be in service to you❤️❤️❤️Please, don’t stop loving our food. We have to close for the three weeks for many of reasons...first, Krystyna and I, we need a little break after this long year being open practically all year round. Secondly, we always closed around this time and this year the closing is almost necessary from logistic and financial reasons, and Thirdly, we want to come back with fresh ideas and full of energy for the New coming, hopefully, much better Year of 2021. Thank you again for your love and support❤️😘❣️
Margaret and Krystyna
and the Family of

Sun, Dec 20th 2020, 05:52

Mon, Dec 14th 2020, 01:39

We even had a great Entertainment performed by Anthony and Isa, his Girlfriend. We had a really good time tonight 👍😋❤️

Mon, Dec 14th 2020, 01:30

The EuroCafe Annual Christmas Party this year we celebrated in a very small but a great Group of our Wonderful Employees. Thank You Carolyn, Lydia, Alex, Max, Anthony, Matthew and Evan for an amazing work and your passion for being a part of EuroCafe Family. ❤️👍❣️

Mon, Dec 7th 2020, 21:56

Restaurant Industry is on “Life Support” that is what everyone is saying and we can certainly feel it...please, listen to one of Us who is basically bagging Government to help the Industry

Sun, Dec 6th 2020, 09:52

Thu, Dec 3rd 2020, 09:11

Fri, Nov 20th 2020, 01:16

Important announcement
EuroCafe will be open on TUESDAY, Nov. 24th, WEDNESDAY, Nov. 25th and SATURDAY, Nov. 28th. We will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, and Friday, Nov. 27th.
Happy Thanksgiving

Wed, Nov 18th 2020, 15:27

EuroCafe is going to be open on Saturday, November 28th from 12:00PM until 8:00PM...Please call for reservations l👍 Shop local, Eat local👍😋

Mon, Nov 16th 2020, 02:50

Sat, Nov 14th 2020, 13:49

...and approaching the Weekend EuroCafe in Geneseo, NY is still having the absolutely amazing Special JaggerZahne Schnitzel (Hunter Schnitzel) pork shoulder roasted to perfect tenderness and topped with fresh poratbella mushrooms slightly roasted with onion, spices and herbs and sprinkled with Hunter sauce. Please call to place an order to go or reserve the table while “supplies” last 👍😋
585 447-9252

Fri, Nov 13th 2020, 15:32

Two “ Delicious Brothers” Hunter Schnitzel and Vienner Schnitzel are patiently waiting for You at EuroCafe in Geneseo, NY. Call to place an order or reserve the table 585 447-9252👍😋

Fri, Oct 30th 2020, 07:41

EuroCafe invites You for its delicious full Menu. Today as well as tomorrow we also feature a Special: Beef Stroganoff served over noodles or potato dumplings along with fresh salads. We are open from 12:00PM until 8;00PM. Please call 585 447-9252 to place an order or reserve a table👍😋

Thu, Oct 29th 2020, 22:52

Just the remiander to all our Customers❣️
EuroCafe in Geneseo, NY will be open tomorrow at 12:00PM after long break Please call to płace an order or make a reservation ❤️😋

Mon, Oct 26th 2020, 16:25

After thorough conversation with Livingston County Department of Health EuroCafe is moving the opening date to October 30th due to their requirement of completing the full term
of quarantine.

Mon, Oct 19th 2020, 07:04

For the sake of our Customers and ourselves, after coming back from Poland, Krystyna and I are following the NYS Governor COVID-19 regulations and will stay on quarantine. EuroCafé will be open on October 28th.

Thu, Oct 8th 2020, 17:17