Sun, May 19th 2024, 02:22

EuroCafe would like to Congratulate all Gradutes of SUNY Geneseo and thank you to all of our Crew and Staff to make this weekend happen. 👍😘Without all of You we wouldn’t be able to pull this out…You are the Best😘Thank you to all our wonderful and loyal Customers for loving EuroCafe for all these years.😘👍❤️
KRYSTYNA and I are going to Poland to see my Mama and spent very valuable time with her…EuroCafe will be back open on July 11th - 12:00PM until 8:00PM until then have a great Summer and see you in July 👍😘❤️🎓

Sat, May 18th 2024, 11:35

Wed, May 15th 2024, 11:17

Wed, May 15th 2024, 10:39

My Two Beautiful and Favorite Co-Workers and Friends are coming tomorrow to visit us here at Euro-Cafe❣️👍💜❤️❤️❤️Yea and Jose 👍❣️

Tue, May 14th 2024, 20:14

Our Wonderful Customers, like each Year, EuroCafe will be closed for
A Summer Break. This Saturday, May 18th will be the last Day open before the break.
We will be open again on Thursday 07/11/2024-12:00PM

Tue, May 14th 2024, 20:08

EuroCafe has still open tables for
this Saturday, May 18th. Please call to make a reservations 585 447-9252

Tue, May 14th 2024, 20:05

Tue, May 14th 2024, 20:05

Sun, May 12th 2024, 09:23

Happy Mother’s Day from all of us here at EuroCafe, to Wonderful Women who sacrifice a lot in order to help their kids become a Good Human being. THank you today and every Day💐❤️💜

Wed, May 1st 2024, 10:18

Wed, May 1st 2024, 10:18

Wed, May 1st 2024, 09:54

This week EuroCafe will be open from Thursday, May2nd until Saturday May4th 12:00PM - 8:00PM

Fri, Apr 26th 2024, 07:25

Thu, Apr 25th 2024, 20:42

EuroCafe will be open Friday, April 26th, Saturday, April 27th from 12:00PM until 8:00PM. We are back in Business 👍

Thu, Apr 25th 2024, 08:11

With regrets we have to inform that EuroCafe will be close today due to electrical issue that RG&E is „trying” to resolve since Monday and it is not fixed yet. We should reopen tomorrow, Friday, April 26th 12:00PM - 8:00PM

Wed, Apr 24th 2024, 08:14

This week, EuroCafe will be open from Thursday, April 25th until Saturday, April 27th during regular hours
12:00PM - 8:00PM

Fri, Apr 19th 2024, 16:22

Fri, Apr 19th 2024, 16:22

Fri, Apr 19th 2024, 16:19

Fri, Apr 19th 2024, 16:18

Fri, Apr 19th 2024, 16:16

Fri, Apr 19th 2024, 16:15

Fri, Apr 19th 2024, 16:13

Fri, Apr 19th 2024, 15:41

All this deliciously comfort food is waiting for you at EuroCafe - Real Food and Deli in Geneseo, NY today and tomorrow. We are open from 12:00PM until 8:00PM. Don’t miss it and call for reservation or to place an order to go
585 447-9252💜❤️😋