Sun, Apr 18th 2021, 14:10

EuroCafe is open on
Sunday ❣️
Come in and try the taste of Europe

Thu, Apr 15th 2021, 08:15

Yes, EuroCafe is open today from
12:00PM until 8:00PM.
Come and enjoy our delicious, homemade food that we cook for you with love and passion ❤️

Wed, Apr 14th 2021, 09:25

Just a friendly reminder
Yes, EuroCafe will be open tomorrow from 12:00PM until 8:00PM
See you there

Mon, Apr 12th 2021, 11:39

Thank you Andrew for this amazing description of our cooking art.😘👍❤️

Fri, Apr 9th 2021, 00:45

Tue, Apr 6th 2021, 19:42

Hello our Wonderful Customers❤️
Due to my (Margaret) hand injury and after meeting with doctors today, Krystyna and I decided to keep EuroCafe closed for the rest of this week. It was a very difficult decision but I need to give my broken hand a rest at least for few solid days, so the bone can start healing properly...We will reopen next week on Thursday, 04/15/2021...we really hope for your understanding and patience and apologize for any inconvenience. ❤️

Sun, Apr 4th 2021, 10:47

Krystyna and I as well as our Amazing Staff want to wish all our Customers Happy and Healthy Easter💐🐣🐥How wonderfully different this Easter are from the One a year ago...? We are so happy to see You back at our Restaurant😘 Thank you for being amazingly supportive and thank you for your Love😘We wish You always Love, Friendship, Good Health, and everything what you only wish❤️💐🌷🐥

Sat, Apr 3rd 2021, 08:37

It is Easter Saturday🐰🐇💐What a different Saturday from the one a Year ago👍❤️? a lot of us is after at least one vaccination and some already after the second one, like us👍❤️Our Restaurant is open for sit down lunch and dinner and we can really start to enjoy the semi “normality” in our life’s. We wish you all a healthy and safe Easter inviting you to EuroCafe to pick up a great Easter Goodies😂👍❤️Or just to spend time in the Company of dear Friends or Family, eating delicious homemade food. We cook for you a lot of good food this week, so please don’t hesitate to come and order a lot because we have a lot😂👍❤️we are open from 12:00PM until 8:00PM
585 447-9252

Thu, Apr 1st 2021, 13:28

It is Easter Week and it is time to get together with Friends before You sit down for Easter brunch or Dinner with your Family...Covid 19 messed it up totally for the past year and it is still going,..however, we, at EuroCafe keep a regulated distance between the tables and take all needed precautions in order for you to enjoy the stay❤️😘We cook for you delicious soups, Specials and items from the Menu. Come on over and spent some time in the company of your Friends, or Family and of course delicious, homemade food. We are open from 12:00PM until 8:00PM today, Friday and Saturday. We will be closed on Easter Sunday. Call to reserve your table or to place an order to go
585 447-9252

Wed, Mar 31st 2021, 15:55

There is nothing better than hot, homemade soup at EuroCafe in Geneseo, NY or delicious Polish Style Baked Ribs or any other amazing food from the Menu😋We also have fresh Babka’s and Placek, Almond Rings, Almond/ Cherrie Rings, chrusciki, poppyseed rolls, and many many more Easter Goodies. We are open today until 8:00PM. Call to place an order or visit us in person 585 447-9252

Wed, Mar 31st 2021, 00:36

Easter time is back, so just a quick reminder that THIS WEEK ONLY EuroCafe will be open Wednesday trough Saturday 12:00PM -8:00PM. We will be closed Easter Sunday💐

Sun, Mar 28th 2021, 16:09

That is how the Schnitzel should look like. If you want to find out how it tastes come on over to EuroCafe in Geneseo, NY 👍😘 Ny name is Schnitzel....Vienner Schnitzel 😂

Sun, Mar 28th 2021, 09:47

It is time to shop for Easter💐 It is just around the corner🌺we Have variety of sausages, smoked ham, kielbasa as well as different type of sweets and cookies. We also take orders for your Easter package that might contain pierogies, stuffed cabbage, Zurek soup, fresh Polish sausage, smoked kielbasa and ham , etc. everything is delicious and fresh. We are open today from 3:00PM Until 8:00PM and during the Easter week we are open from Wednesday trough Saturday from 12:00PM until 8:00PM. We will be closed on Easter Sunday.
585 447-9252

Sun, Mar 28th 2021, 09:33

Just a reminder that EuroCafe will be open from 3:00PM until 8:00PM today 03/28/2021

Thu, Mar 25th 2021, 17:38

It is beautiful and warm today but not as beautiful and not as warm as it is in our cozy and tasty EuroCafe Restaurant in Geneseo, NY.
We have fresh made Crepes, fruit pierogies, homemade soups and many more...just check our delicious Menu. We are open today until 8:00PM and tomorrow and Saturday from 12:00PM until 8:00PM and Sunday, exceptionally from 3:00PM until 8:00PM. Please, don’t forget to place an order for Easter (Zurek, Polish Sausage, Smoked Sausage, Golabki (stuffed cabbage), Smoked Ham, Pierogie, etc.) since supplies last. Please call at
585 447-9252.

Wed, Mar 24th 2021, 13:06

Please take a note about Easter hours at EuroCafe
For the Easter week EuroCafe will be open on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday regular hours 12:00PM until 8:00PM. EuroCafe will be closed on Easter Sunday

Wed, Mar 24th 2021, 12:57

Please have in mind that this coming Sunday 03-28-21 EuroCafe will be open from 3:00PM until 8:00PM
Krystyna and I are scheduled for our second dose of Covid Vaccine

Fri, Mar 19th 2021, 13:38

Today, at EuroCafe we Have a great Special and delicious deserts👍😘😋 The Hunter Schnitzel is back - pork shoulder previously spiced and seasoned in homemade herbs, roasted to perfection, topped with slightly roasted poratbella mushrooms and onion and sparkled with homemade Hunter Sauce, served with pierogi or potato dumplings, four homemade salads and mashed potatoes... then we have delicious deserts including PACZKI filled with either raspberry or plum jam.
We just want to remind you that we are open on Sunday. Call to reserve your table or to place order to go. 585 447-9252
We will start to serve The Hunter Schnitzel around 5:30PM today.

Sun, Mar 14th 2021, 17:00

Polish Style Baked Ribs only today only for $18.99 only at EuroCafe in Geneseo, NY

Sun, Mar 14th 2021, 16:56

Hey, food Lovers
EuroCafe has a great Special for You👍
Just today we have Polish Style Baked Ribs served with four homemade salads and dumplings, only for

Sun, Mar 14th 2021, 09:20

A friendly reminder
EuroCafe is open today...against all odds, Yes, we are open from
12:00pm until

Sat, Mar 13th 2021, 09:15

Poland is colorful ❣️❤️

Sat, Mar 13th 2021, 09:13

To our Wonderful Customers❤️
Last Wednesday Margaret (I )injured her left hand and had to go trough emergency surgery on Friday...we will continue to stay open, however we ask all our Customers to be patient. As you know, we prepare our meals per order , so it takes time. As of today and tomorrow Krystyna is holding “The Fort” by herself and our Wonderful Student Team that is the best❣️ So, if we can ask you for your understanding and your patience, we would really appreciate😘❤️ Thank You

Tue, Mar 9th 2021, 20:57

In EuroCafe we “sell” not only delicious Polish Food but also Polish traditions, Culture, History, etc.

Polish Górale (Highlander) Children in Traditional Costumes

Tue, Mar 9th 2021, 09:37

We are pleased
to announce that
EuroCafe will be open on Sundays starting this week. Our new Days of operation are Thursdays through Sundays from 12:00PM until 8:00PM