Sun, Feb 16th 2020, 05:19

We are getting famous 😊

We are getting famous 😊

Sat, Feb 15th 2020, 12:23

Happy Valentine’s ....... weekend❣️. EuroCafé is still celebrating today❣️😘
To make this weekend very special we offer the Schwinebratten Schnitzel and Triple Chocolate Cake, made specially for that occasion.

Schwinebratten Schnitzel is a Pork Shoulder Schnitzel rosted to perfection and topped with truffle/portable mushroom sauce with the touch of always the best Aphrodysiac...dark chocolate❤️
The Triple Chocolate Cake is a delicious cake that we make only once a year for Valentine’s Day. It’s a layer of dark chocolate with hazelnuts, covered with a thin layer of white chocolate and topped with delicious chocolate mousse. It’s served with whipped cream and raspberries ❣️

Fri, Feb 7th 2020, 12:24

“Baby, it’s cold outside”.........let’s go to EuroCafe for Beef Stroganoff 😄
Beef Stroganoff is our new today’s SPECIAL. It’s a delicious meal that has its roots in mid 19th century. Tender stripes of quality beef served with creamy sauce made of wild and portabella mushrooms, onions and sour cream......simply delicious!
Come and try for yourself!

Wed, Jan 29th 2020, 01:19

Don’t wait for making reservation for Valentine’s Day at EuroCafe❤️This year it happens on Friday❣️Call us to save the table for you and your Sweetheart

Thu, Jan 23rd 2020, 11:34

.....And this is a newspaper version...The Buffalo News, January 23, 2020

Thu, Jan 16th 2020, 10:18


Mon, Jan 6th 2020, 02:29

Just a reminder for all hungry customers of EuroCafe😊 We will open our doors again on Friday, January 17th at 11:00am and stay open all day until 8:00pm. SATURDAY, January 18th, we will be open from 11:00am until 3:00pm due to a private event. Sorry for the inconvenience

Sun, Dec 22nd 2019, 11:00

It is the time again, when Krystyna and I as well as the Staff of EuroCafe want to Thank all our wonderful and Loyal Customers and Guests❣️Thank to You we had a great Year, during which EuroCafe gained more and more New Guests and great review’s.❤️ You all are the motivation for us to create New and delicious meals as well as improve the existing one😘❤️ Thank You once again for making EuroCafe a Successful and at the same time Cozy Restaurant in Geneseo, NY. Have a great Holidays and we will see You next Year😘❤️🤣

Sun, Dec 22nd 2019, 10:20

We are going on vacation ❣️
EuroCafe will be opened again on January 17
We wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a very prosperous New Year❣️
Wesołych Świat i Szczęśliwego Nowego 2020 Roku ❣️

Tue, Dec 17th 2019, 17:14

Just a friendly reminder.....This Saturday, December 21, is our last open day before going for a one month vacation. If you are planning on buying all this good stuff for Holiday, this is the right time!
Come on over on Wednesday through Saturday from 11:00AM to 8:00PM. We have plenty of delicious, fresh cakes from Polish Bakery in Brooklyn - almond rolls, poppy seed rolls, chocolate pound cakes with cherries, Chrusciki and much more! Don’t miss the occasion to taste all these traditional Polish Holiday cakes!

Mon, Dec 16th 2019, 12:39

Hello, Everyone😘❤️ Just the reminder...This week is the last week of operations before Holiday Break🎄❤️please, have in mind that we will be closed from December 22nd until January 17th., this is your last chance this year to taste, shop and enjoy our EuroCafe. 😘❤️🎄

Mon, Dec 9th 2019, 02:27

This Year we’ve host another Annual Christmas Party at EuroCafe. Our employee’s deserve all the best...Krystyna and I can’t say enough about our wonderful Students... so, we just simply say THANK YOU❤️❤️❣️and MERRY CHRISTMAS🎄

Fri, Nov 29th 2019, 23:40

Saturday, November 30th. is the Day for Shop Local and Eat Local...EuroCafe will be open and ready for all hungry people😋 We open the Door at 11:00AM