Mon, Oct 19th 2020, 07:04

For the sake of our Customers and ourselves, after coming back from Poland, Krystyna and I are following the NYS Governor COVID-19 regulations and will stay on quarantine. EuroCafé will be open on October 28th.

Thu, Sep 17th 2020, 08:09

For the information: we will close our Restaurant from 09-28-20 until 10-20-20 in order to take care of my Mama in Poland who is not doing to good. Please plan your visit at EuroCafe accordignly. We will be open for next two weeks

Thu, Aug 13th 2020, 11:49

Hey Food Lovers😘😋 EuroCafe in Geneseo, NY has delicious Lunch and Dinner to be served inside and outside as well as pick up orders. Call (585) 447-9252 to reserve your table or place an order. We have Polish Style Baked Ribs, Ground Beef Cutlets “Mielone”, Vienner Schnitzel, chicken a’la Varsovie, potato pancakes, Polish Platter and many, many other delicious homemade food.

Sat, Aug 8th 2020, 09:18

Dear customers,
Our website is down today. As we learned, a power outage in Buffalo Datacenter caused service disruption. Our web administrator has been trying to fix the issues today.
We apologize for any inconvenience.

Sun, Aug 2nd 2020, 12:37

Krystyna and I, here at EuroCafe are overwhelmingly grateful for your constant support and help❣️Thank You to all our existing and new Customers for keeping EuroCafe alive...As you know the transition from “take out” service to a dining in service in Covid 19 era is not as simple as we would wish it would be...our Restaurant as well as many other are drastically reduced with the capacity...also the “take out” slowed down, yes we are struggling but we can promise you to one thing: As much as there would be a passion and love for Polish/European cooking and eating we will continue making the best homemade European food in the area...I am not ashamed to say that...yes, we make a good food but for the best meals YOU ARE OUR INSPIRATION❣️ so thank you for that and keep coming back to EuroCafe 😋❤️

Fri, Jul 31st 2020, 15:30

Our famous Hunter Schnitzel has been served in Geneseo, NY

Fri, Jul 31st 2020, 08:37

Hello and Welcome to EuroCafe in Geneseo, NY. Today we are featuring our Special among Specials👍Hunter Schnitzel is back👍Pork Shoulder seasoned in homemade herbs and spices slightly fried on the oil and baked to a perfect tenderness, topped with roasted fresh portobello muschroom and onion sparkled with delicious JagerSahne(Hunter) sauce and served with either pierogi, or potato dumplings which makes this outstanding meal a gluten free meal. Like all our Specials Hunter Schnitzel comes with bunch of homemade salads including fresh garden salad with homemade dressing. We also cook for you today our regular Specials that is Polish Style Country Ribs and Ground Beef Cutlets Mielone. Our Menu is quite big for such small restaurant and let me add that we make all our items on the Menu from scratch, not using preservatives and with main ingredient called Love 💗 So don’t hesitate and reserve your table today. We have limited sitting inside and outside or order you delicious food “to go” . We are open from 12:00pm until 8:00pm from Wednesday trough Saturday. (585)447-9252

Fri, Jun 5th 2020, 13:02

Our Little European Garden in Geneseo, NY is ready for Customers😘❤️Social Distancing is kept, and all the precocious also. See you soon. ❣️❤️

Sun, May 10th 2020, 01:29

To all Wonderful and Fantastic Mothers around the World ❤️😘 We want to wish You all the best, love, Respect, every day recognition and peace of mind💐❤️Happy Mother’s Day 🌷

Sun, Apr 19th 2020, 10:36

Our Dear Customers!
To comply with the Governor latest order, all customers must now wear anything that covers their face while picking up the order directly from EuroCafe or other places. Thank you for understanding. We also offer curbside delivery. Just call 447-9252 between 11:00- 7:00

Sun, Apr 12th 2020, 02:11

With a humble gratitude Krystyna and I as well as the rest of the Staff of EuroCafe want to wish all our wonderful and loyal Customers Happy and most of all Healthy Easter🌺💐⛱ ❤️🐥Thank you for your heart, love and support during this difficult time❤️😘

Mon, Apr 6th 2020, 13:13

Please, order Your Food for Easter, starting Wednesday, 04/08/20 so we can have it ready on Friday and Saturday: pierogi, fresh Polish sausage, smoked kielbasa,stuffed cabbage, Babka’s, Placek, etc.

Sat, Mar 28th 2020, 14:55

Great Food on sale today: Mielone, ground beef cutlets served with four homemade salads, pierogi and mashed potato are just $16.99 and Potato Panckae with Hungarian Style Goulash are just $18.99. It delicious, big portions for a good price, so call for order, we curb delivery, or take out 585 447-9252😋😘❤️

Fri, Mar 27th 2020, 18:00

We have a really Special treat for You today and tomorrow 😘 Homemade Croquettes filled with excellent mix of sirloin beef with onion and spices. Don’t hesitate to stop at EuroCafe to take out and taste this delicious meal😘