Sat, Feb 27th 2021, 08:47

Fri, Feb 26th 2021, 10:18

This afternoon as well as all day tomorrow we are going to serve another delicious Special that we make occasionally. Today is the day to serve our famous Zigeuner Schnitzel that simply means Gypsy Schnitzel. It is a delicious pork shoulder previously seasoned in homemade
Spices and herbs roasted to its perfect tenderness and topped with tones of roasted vegetables like pepper, mushroom, zucchini, onion, carrots and diced tomatoes, sparkled with a delicate homemade sauce that combines everything together making unforgettable flavor of this meal and would bring you around beautiful Alpine Mountains of Tirol, Austria, where this meal supposedly was created long, long time ago👍❤️ However, as a good student and observer I have learn during my time in Austria how to prepare this amazing meal and we are happy to serve to you this afternoon and tomorrow all day. Come for a lunch or dinner or just call for take out 585 447-9252
Because of limited seating (Covid regulation) for having a „safe” piece of mind it would be better if You call for reservation during the weekend. Thank you for your support

Thu, Feb 25th 2021, 20:29

Well, I just came back from zoomed Excellence in Business Event hosted by Livingston County Chamber of Commerce. EuroCafe was one of the 3 Finalist nominated for this Award👍Although we did not win the boosting and encouraging Award we are very proud of being nominated and being in a tough business that restaurant industries is...This event is coming in around a very important date to us...March 1st, 2014 Krystyna and I started a small Ethnic Restaurant in Geneseo, having no clue how Eastern, Central and Western European homemade meals would enter a taste and expectation of local clientele? To make long story short: Today, 7 years later our loyal Customers are coming to our Restaurant from allover the area, including Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse and local towns and villages... March 1st 2021 we will start 8th year of operation at EuroCafe. Seven years ago Krystyna and I entered a business where Women are very rarely taking the challenge of Restaurant ownership...Krystyna and I, we are different type of owners, we are the cooks, we are the bakers, we are the hosts, we are the cleaners, we are the book keepers and most important we are Two Passionate and absolutely dedicated to our Restaurant WOMEN, who not only cook and bake amazing food but also proudly run a successful business...and for all of that I salute all the Winners at the Chamber of Commerce Event and all the “losers” who are another Winners in their hearts❤️😘😘❤️❤️❤️Thank you for all your Support and we can only promise to be here for you as long as we are able to...THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU❣️❣️❣️💗

Wed, Feb 24th 2021, 15:35

Hey Food Lovers, get out of your comfortable homes and come to EuroCafe in Geneseo, NY. Today we have a great Special: Vienner Schnitzel is only $21.99 instead of regular price $25.99. It is deliciously prepared pork loin served with four homemade salads, pierogi and mashed potatoes. So much food for such a low price. Come in or call to place an order to go
585 447-9252

Fri, Feb 19th 2021, 09:58

Winter this Year is not giving up at EuroCafe in Geneseo, NY is also not giving up either and trying to “beat” the Winter with delicious “ammunition” - Homemade meals. Specials like Polish Style Baked Ribs or Ground Beef Cutlets “Mielone” will make you feel good and full but not overwhelmed. We are waiting for you today at the restaurant with all the delicious meals from 12:00PM until 8:00PM. Please call to reserve your table or to place order “to go”
585 447-9252 Thank you for your Support ❣️We really need your heart during this Spring. Thank you for being such a wonderful and loyal Supportive Customers😘😘😘

Fri, Feb 19th 2021, 09:03

It is so sad to see another restaurant on Main Street being closed due to Covid pandemic...Let’s hope that the remianing few will stay open...

Thu, Feb 18th 2021, 11:22

We are very proud to announce that EuroCafe is among this year Chamber of Commerce Excellence in Business Awards Finalists...👍Thank you all for your support and love 😘❤️👍

Wed, Feb 17th 2021, 08:17

It is a beautiful and cold Ash Wednesday👍
EuroCafe in Geneseo, NY is open for homemade lunch and dinner from 12:00PM until 8:00PM. We offer variety of delicious meals included Specials like Polish Style Baked Ribs or Ground Beef Cutlets. We also offer full Menu of other great meals. Please check our Website for full Menu. Call to reserve your table or to place take out order. 585 447-9252

Sun, Feb 14th 2021, 08:15

EuroCafe is open today and have still some tables available for you. Call to make a reservation
585 447-9252 or walk in. Just for today Krystyna baked her famous Triple Chocolate Cake and I don’t need to add that eating this Cake is like being in Paradise😋😋😋😋. Love Is in the Air and we love it😘❤️❤️❤️

Sat, Feb 13th 2021, 19:53

YES❣️ EUROCAFE IS OPEN FOR VALENTINES SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 14th, from 12:00PM until 8:00PM and will serve it’s famous BOROWKARZ for Special, as well as all the other great meals from the Menu. We still have some spots available for dining in, so either call to reserve your table or just walk in❣️😋

Thu, Feb 11th 2021, 09:22

HEY EVERYBODY IT IS A FAT THURSDAY. Don’t push your luck and eat at least one Paczek or few Chrusciki ( Angel Wings). We have them at EuroCafe in Geneseo, NY.

Wed, Feb 10th 2021, 09:40

Don’t miss a great day without eating something delicious😋👍like all homemade meals that we prepare here at EuroCafe in Geneseo, NY. Please start to celebrate early your Valentines Day❤️❤️❤️Love is in the air and in EuroCafe you can feel it, and taste it as well😘❤️Call to reserve to table or place an order to go at 585 447-9252.

Mon, Feb 8th 2021, 09:27

Sat, Feb 6th 2021, 11:30


Fri, Feb 5th 2021, 08:44

Thu, Feb 4th 2021, 07:11

We will Have our paczki at EuroCafe starting Wednesday, February 10th, and like always with “hot items” call to reserve yours for “Tlusty Czwartek” because we will have it only as supplies last...Thank You Mr. Golebiowski for tolling about this great tradition of Poland😘

Wed, Feb 3rd 2021, 07:43

It is cold and and it snowy, but Please don’t forget about your stomach...and soul😋❤️We at EuroCafe in Geneseo have a perfect food for day like this. All these homemade, fluffy pierogie, hot homemade soups and Specials that never disappoint. Our Menu is full of delicious meals and what important is that all of our food is prepare with love and passion, especially in days like today...So, come for lunch or dinner to cozy, warm Restaurant on the Main Street in Geneseo, or have it in a comfort of your home or a work place placing a take out order. We are open from 12:00PM until 8:00PM.

Fri, Jan 29th 2021, 08:41

It is a Snowy, cold Friday but EuroCafe in Geneseo keeps its promises and will serve today and tomorrow Delicious Special that our Customers are longing for - BOROWKARZ- pork tenderloin previously herbed and spiced in homemade seasonings, roasted to a perfect tenderness topped with delicious poratbella mushroom/cranberry sauce, served with pierogie, four homemade salads and mashed potatoes. I forget to add that the main ingredient is of course - Love. Like always, reserve your table or call for take out at 585 447-9252 as supplies last.

Thu, Jan 28th 2021, 15:50

Beautifully captured the essence of our Soul Food made with a lots of Love and Passion as a main ingredients❤️😘😘Thank You😘

Thu, Jan 28th 2021, 15:22

Sat, Jan 23rd 2021, 08:43

Hello Food Lovers, it is Saturday and here is just a Friendly reminder that we at EuroCafe in Geneseo, NY have a delicious Special for you today: HUNTER SCHNITZEL called in Germany and Austria, Jagger Zahne Schnitzel...absolutely amazingly prepared previously seasoned Pork Shoulder roasted to perfect tenderness topped with roasted portabella mushroom and onion with a sparkling delicious Hunter sauce, served with pierogies or potato dumplings for GF option, and four homemade salads... please call to reserve your Schnitzel or a table to eat the Schnitzel. We operate “as supplies last” so don’t hesitate 👍😋. We are open from 12:00PM until 8:00PM. 585 447-9252

Fri, Jan 22nd 2021, 08:34

We are starting the Weekend and here at EuroCafe in Geneseo, NY we have a Special for You😋😋😋This afternoon and all day tomorrow we will serve a Hunter Schnitzel Jagger Zahne Shnitzel - a traditional German/Austrian meal, delicious, good size pork shoulder, previously seasoned in homemade spices and herbs, roasted to perfect tenderness and topped with slightly roasted poratbella mushrooms and onion, sparkled with a homamde Hunter Sauce, served with four homemade salads including a Garden Salad with a homemade dressing. Don’t miss this opportunity to “culinary traveling” to these two beautiful Countries, Germany and Austria with amazing Mountains and beautiful Architecture, but most important absolutely delicious food. Germans and Austrians celebrate food. They believe that food, together cooking and eating brings people together.❤️ They also believe that good food makes people happy and they can overcome any obstacles...Let’s continue their traditions right here in America...We need this more than ever❣️So, call to reserve your table in our cozy and casually elegant Restaurant or just place an order “to go”. 585 447-9252. Have it in mind that when we are cooking, it makes us happy, when you eat and like our food, it makes both of us happy, so let’s start this weekend with getting some very needed happiness in our lives. We are here and cook for You. Thank you for your Support❣️👍❤️

Thu, Jan 21st 2021, 13:17

Hello Food Lovers😋Life brings surprises, some good and some not so good, but please don’t give up on a great, homemade food that Krystyna and I make with passion for you four times a week. Don’t stop coming and ordering out. Call us to reserve a table or place an order
We are open from Wednesday trough Saturday from 12:00PM until 8:00PM. 585 447-9252

Wed, Jan 20th 2021, 09:01

Hello Food Lovers,😋 It is cold outside and we at EuroCafe in Geneseo, NY have a wonderful, delicious and homemade meals for you. We serve our regular Menu items as well as the Specials: Mielone - Ground Beef Cutlets topped with sauté onion or very tasty wild mushroom light sauce, Polish Style Baked Ribs topped with amazingly complementing the meats sauce. we have all your favorite soups like Zurek, Borscht, Peasent, Barley-Mushroom etc. The weather is not inviting but WE ARE 👍, so please call for your table or to place an order to go. We are open from 12:00PM until 8:00PM.
585 447-9252

Tue, Jan 19th 2021, 09:43

It is a great “food” for everybody’s Soul❣️👍