Fri, Mar 1st 2024, 01:23

Fri, Mar 1st 2024, 01:22

Thu, Feb 29th 2024, 16:55

Thu, Feb 29th 2024, 08:10

It is a terrific day for a Polish Platter- a combo of most popular Polish dishes on One Plate - smoked kielbasa, real mashed potatoes, stuffed cabbage, Hunter stew (“bigos”) and of course homemade pierogie - this hot plate will take away all your worries and bring back calm and happy day. We, at EuroCafe serve this amazing Polish Platter from 12:00PM until 8:00PM from Wednesday through Saturday. Call to reserve one for you today 585 447-9252 👍😋

Wed, Feb 28th 2024, 16:35

It is the time of year when we sell hand painted wooden eggs. They are created in Poland by Ukrainian Women❤️All proceeds will go towards Help for Ukraine…We need to help this courageous Nation as much as we can any way we can, because Ukraine 🇺🇦 needs help more than ever…Ukraine is not only fighting for their freedom but also for a freedom for Europe and ultimately for the whole World 👍

Wed, Feb 28th 2024, 12:35

Wed, Feb 28th 2024, 11:18

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Wed, Feb 28th 2024, 09:02

Tue, Feb 27th 2024, 12:25

For all who wants to come to EuroCafe on this Friday, March 1st, please call to reserve a table
Thank You

Tue, Feb 27th 2024, 10:24

Mon, Feb 26th 2024, 23:43

Mon, Feb 26th 2024, 23:37

Let’s do it in Geneseo 😂👍

Mon, Feb 26th 2024, 23:27

Please come to EuroCafe on Friday, March 1st and help us celebrate our 10th Anniversary. We are still standing tall and are open against all odds. For this special occasion we will prepare an unique but very tasty Special called Zigeuner Schnitzel. We also will have for You the special cake that KRYSTYNA will bake💐…and who knows? Maybe you will be entertained by one of the owners who simply loves to sing…so, call for reservation 585 447-9252.

Sat, Feb 24th 2024, 22:43

Sat, Feb 24th 2024, 22:43

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Sat, Feb 24th 2024, 22:39